Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hounds come out in front of the Whalers

The Plymouth Whalers were playing the Soo Greyhounds on Friday and the Hounds are pretty good and better than the Whalers but just by a little. In other news about the Whalers, Ryan Hartman came back but might be a little bad on his skate edges because he fell a few times but hopefully he can get the team fired up.

The Soo came out in front real early on a goal it just went past our goalie Ned which is his nickname. The Hounds scored again but then the Whalers scored one and it was 2-1 after the first period. The second period was the worst because the Soo scored again but in the third period we came out and scored early to make it 3-2 but then the Soo scored and then we scored and it was back to back. That was the game so the Soo won 4-3.

I don't know if the Whalers will go to the playoffs this year with this losing streak they have but I hope they do because the Whalers have a record for the most years making the playoffs in a row in all of sports.

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