Saturday, January 4, 2014

Whalers win and Cullen Mercer gets his first OHL goal!

The Whalers beat the Niagra Ice Dogs Saturday 4-3 and Cullen Mercer got his first OHL goal. We like Cullen because he is ALWAYS hustling and he looks like a smart player. Cullen is tough too.

We also won the MGM Grand duffel bag and they delivered it to our seat. It even had a MGM Grand sweatshirt in it. I am going to use it to carry my pucks. Me and my friends made a hockey rink behind our backyard and now I have a bag to carry the pucks there. Oh, and Zach Bowman gave me a puck in pre-game warm ups so we have one more puck for our rink. I might take some pictures of our rink and post them here.

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